NTF calls for hearings/Hill action re: NFL and Survivor's Needs

December 1, 2014


Dear Senator:

We write as members of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence -- domestic and sexual violence advocates, faith-based and law enforcement groups, civil, human, and women's rights organizations who represent millions of survivors of sexual and domestic violence and stalking, and their advocates – with both requests and reflections following two solid months of media coverage of a number of high profile domestic and sexual violence incidents.

Twenty years of work to implement and improve the Violence Against Women Act has left us well positioned to share the successes and challenges that emerged as we responded to the unprecedented surge in demand for services that followed the revelation of the second NFL tape involving Ray Rice and then fiancée, Janay Palmer. Thus, we write to request that the Congress hold hearings in furtherance of the national discussion that has begun around the issues of sexual and domestic violence, their impact on the economy, the economic lives of survivors, and the necessity for workplace and other policies that address the needs of battered and abused people and their families. Additionally, we want to express our appreciation to the many members of Congress who have called for the NFL to be held accountable, and we look forward to continuing the dialogue on this issue.

An immediate consequence of the intense national focus on the NFL is increased awareness in American society at large of the profound impact of domestic and sexual violence in our lives in general and more specifically, in the workplace. As the NFL continues to institute reforms, we wish to point out that the NFL is but one employer. Its workforce – at the player level – is disproportionately male. Domestic and sexual violence as they manifest inside and outside the workplace, however, are still experiences that are overwhelming borne by women (85% of survivors are women). Holding timely hearings would allow a review of NFL’s experience to gain insight into how employers who are not adequately prepared can founder in responding to the workplace impact of sexual and domestic violence.

We also call upon Congress to begin work on a federal response to the unacceptably high level of survivor job loss – as high as 50% among survivors of sexual or domestic violence -- that occurs when ill prepared employers are reactive rather than proactive. Before one more survivor is asked why they stayed, Congress must make it possible for them to decide whether they wish to.

In the near term, we request two things:

  1. The holding of hearings as soon as is practicable to determine:
    • The status/progress of the NFL matter;
    • How to strengthen the economy and encourage employers to be more proactive regarding domestic and sexual violence and workplace while simultaneously increasing productivity and safety in workplace; and
    • Best practices from employers and advocates, alike with respect to improving economic security for survivors, and accountability for perpetrators
  2. The swiftest possible introduction, mark-up and passage of legislation designed to ensure that survivors have access to the same baseline of workplace, and broader economic protections regardless of where they live.

As it stands, some survivors have access to paid leave if they need time off because they need to attend court, see a counselor, or attend to injuries. Others have access to unemployment insurance if they need to leave their jobs because of the violence. Still others have job security afforded by laws that ban the firing of survivors because they are survivors. Though all of these measures are needed to ensure that survivors have the strongest set of options for moving forward, access to these proven remedies varies drastically according to where survivors live. It’s time to afford all survivors the protections they need regardless of zip code.

We look forward to working with our public officials and private employers in the effort to enact policies, enforce the laws and ensure safety and economic stability for all survivors.


Legal Momentum
Chair, Subcommittee on Economic Issues
Nati’l Task Force to End Sexual & Domestic Viol. Contact: Lisalyn R. Jacobs 202.486.5280 ljacobs@legalmomentum.org



National Organizations 


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American Association of University Women
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