October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Protect victims/survivors from gun violence!!!


Close the boyfriend and stalking loopholes and ensure convicted abusers fail background checks!

Abusers murder an average of three-to-four women every day in the US.  Their weapons of choice – guns. Approximately two-thirds of women killed by intimate partners are murdered with guns. Countless more are terrorized by abusers wielding firearms as a tool of power and control. 

Many survivors of abuse are incredibly vulnerable to firearm-related homicide, and remain unprotected by current law. Dating abusers commit one-half of intimate partner homicides, they are not prohibited by federal law from owning firearms. Stalking is a key indicator of lethality, but stalkers are likewise not prohibited. Even abusers who are prohibited from owning firearms often erroneously pass background checks, because their records have not been entered into the NICS Index, the most comprehensive database for firearms background checks. 

Call, email, Tweet and post to your Members of Congress’s Facebook pages!

Tell them to pass common sense gun legislation to close the boyfriend stalking loopholes and improve the NICS Index.

If you want to mention specific bills, here are a few to suggest:

  • S.1520/H.R.3130 – bipartisan, bicameral legislation to prohibit abusive dating partners and stalkers from owning firearms.
  • Upcoming appropriations bill – prioritize domestic violence misdemeanor convictions and protective orders for entry into the NICS Index.

Contact your legislators. You can find your House member and his/her contact information at www.house.gov and his/her Twitter handle here.  You can find your Senators and their contact information at www.senate.gov and their Twitter handles here.

Sample phone/email/Facebook script:

We need to close the boyfriend loophole and increase the number of domestic violence records that are entered into the NICS Index, so abusers don’t have access to firearms.  Will you support these initiatives to protect victims and survivors of domestic violence from abusers with guns?


@[Legislator’s Twitter Handle] Abusers w/ guns endanger women's lives. Improve NICS & close the boyfriend & stalking loopholes! #EndDVNow