Welcome to 2012 – the year that we will pass VAWA reauthorization!  Thank you to the thousands of people who have taken action and mobilized their networks. 


Here are a few quick action steps you can take this week.  Be sure to come back every week, for additional action items.  Together we can reauthorize VAWA! 



Please fill out this short survey to tell us about the impact that a federal match for VAWA funding would have on your organization or community: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5XFPL2M.  This survey is just FOUR short questions and should not take much time!



Tweet about VAWA!  Here are a few sample tweets, that will help trend VAWA to the forefront:

  • #ReauthorizeVAWA to ensure survivors of abuse get the protection and help they need! RT!
  • #ReauthorizeVAWA to help provide teens and young adults the bright futures they deserve! RT!
  • #ReauthorizeVAWA and help make interpersonal violence a thing of the past! RT!
  • One call today could save one life tomorrow. #ReauthorizeVAWA http://bit.ly/ReAuthVawa RT!
  • Since its passage the # of individuals killed by their partner has decreased by 34% for women & 57% for men. #ReauthorizeVAWA RT!
  • In its first 6 years, VAWA saved $12.6 Bil in net averted social costs. #ReauthorizeVAWA
  • Tell congress how important it is to victims of violence and abuse to #ReauthorizeVAWA
  • .http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit RT!
  • 100's of orgs worked hard 2 ensure #VAWA  protects ALL ppl from violence. Help #ReauthorizeVAWA http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit & RT!
  • Help #ReauthorizeVAWA call your senators TODAY and RT! http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit
  • #ReauthorizeVAWA & help those who have or will experience abuse in a relationship. RT!
  • #ReauthorizeVAWA because sexual assault is everyone's issue. http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit RT!
  • #ReauthorizeVAWA because domestic & dating violence & sexual assault affect millions every
  • year. http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit RT!
  • Save billions of dollars. Change millions of lives #ReauthorizeVAWA http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit RT!
  • Tell your members of congress to #ReauthorizeVAWA and put an end to violence against women.http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit RT!
  • Join 100’s of orgs in ending violence against women. #ReauthorizeVAWA
  • RT!http://bit.ly/VAWAtoolkit
  • Help prevent domestic violence, dating violence & sexual assault. Call on Congress to  #ReauthorizeVAWA RT!
  • Help #ReauthorizeVAWA & provide funding for critical services for #domesticviolence and #sexual assault victims RT!



Check out and “like” our new Facebook page where you can find a toolkit and other action and information items:http://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Task-Force-to-End-Sexual-and-Domestic-Violence/230525243682392?sk=wall



Sign up to receive weekly action alerts at  ReauthorizeVAWA@gmail.com.  Thank you for all of your hard work to keep everyone safe from violence!