Exciting Times for the Violence Against Women Act

We must reauthorize VAWA this year!   Advocates across the country are reaching out to Congress asking for sponsorship and support.  Please join us today! 


We are using in person meetings, phones, letters, emails, advocacy, and social media to promote important programs and issues that stop sexual and domestic violence.  If you have questions or want to report back about your efforts or results, please email us at ReauthorizeVAWA@gmail.com.  

Here are Four Simple Action Steps to Take Today:


Action 1: Email your Senators and tell them what VAWA means to you! 

You can find your Senaors' email addresses here, and you can use the message below to encourage their support for VAWA:

VAWA reauthorization legislation, S. 1925 by Senators Leahy and Crapo, was developed with the input of advocates from around the country and from all walks of life and addresses the real and most important needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. It is responsive, streamlined, and constitutionally and fiscally sound, while providing strong accountability measures and appropriate federal government oversight. This legislation represents our voices—the voices of victims and advocates. I ask you to wholeheartedly support the swift passage of S. 1925.

Please be sure to thank them if they are Cosponsors, and if they are not, ask them to join Senators Leahy and Crapo to reauthorize VAWA.  To find a list of the VAWA Cosponsors, follow these four simple steps:

  • Go to THOMAS of The Library of Congress
  • Select search by "Bill Number"
  • Enter S.1925 in the space provided
  • When the bill is brought up, click on "Cosponsors”


Action 2: Ask Senate Judiciary Committee Members from your state, who are not yet VAWA Cosponsors, to join us today!


The Senate Judiciary Committee, Chaired by Senator Leahy, will be the first place VAWA reauthorization legislation is voted on by our members of Congress. We expect VAWA to be “marked-up” in the Judiciary Committee as early as the last week of January.


The following members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are NOT yet listed as Cosponsors of VAWA, and they need to hear from us that we want their visible support as Cosponsors of  S. 1925 before the Committee vote:


Tom Coburn



Christopher A. Coons



John Cornyn



Dianne Feinstein



Lindsey Graham

R-South Carolin


Chuck Grassley (Ranking Member)



Orrin G. Hatch



Jon Kyl



Michael S. Lee



Jeff Sessions



Action 3:  Participate in the #ReauthorizeVAWA Twitter Carnival on Wednesday, January 18th at 12pm EST, 11am CST, 10am MST, 9am PST


HUGE thanks to all who have been tweeting about VAWA.  Now we need to make #ReauthorizeVAWA a trending topic on twitter. In order to achieve this goal, we need a lot of people to tweet messages that include the hashtag #ReauthorizeVAWA in a SHORT amount of time.  The bigger a splash we can make, the better! You can help us trend #ReauthorizeVAWA by tweeting this message on Wednesday, January 18th at noon EST:

  • We urge all Senators to support S. 1925 and #ReauthorizeVAWA now! 4vawa.org

During the Twitter Carnival, please retweet and respond to the twitters of others – remember to always include #ReauthorizeVAWA.  If you won't be available at this time, don't worry, you can still send out the post on time by signing onto HootSuite and schedule your message to post on January 18th  at noon EST (make sure you’re time settings are for EST).   


Action 4:  Last but not least, check us out on Facebook!


Thank you.  Let's PASS VAWA!



If you would like to be kept informed via email, or want to add members of your staff or state/community leaders to our grassroots alerts e-mailing list, send names and contact information including email to Sean Black, sblack@icasa.org.