VAWA Action Alert

Thank you for all you are doing to urge Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act! 


We are excited that the Attorneys General from 47 states have signed onto a collective letter to Congress supporting the reauthorization of VAWA. This week, we are hosting a briefing on VAWA for Senate staff with excellent speakers from across the country who know first-hand how important VAWA is to victim/survivors. We also invite you to participate in the first ever VAWA blog carnival. Please see below for more details about how to take action and make our voices heard to reauthorize VAWA now!





Action 1: Call your Members of Congress and ask them to send staff to the Task Force’s upcoming Hill Briefings on VAWA.


Find your Senator's DC office number here and House phone numbers here. Ask to speak to the staff person handling VAWA, and ask them to please attend the VAWA Briefings. If they are unavailable, please leave a message. Staff for our sponsors should attend to get information to shore up and expand their bosses’ knowledge and enthusiasm about the bill. Staff of wavering or uncertain Members will be able to gather important info about VAWA and ask questions or voice their concerns.          


Senate Briefing:

January 26th 2:30-4pm, 226, G-50 Dirksen


House Briefing:
January 31st, 10:30am-12pm, 2237 Rayburn



Action 2: Thank our important allies in the campaign to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.


On January 11, the National Association of Attorneys General  sent a letter to every Member of Congress encouraging them to reauthorize VAWA. A bipartisan group of 47 Attorneys General (AG) signed the letter along with the AGs from the territories. The letter can be found here.  The 3 holdouts were from Alabama, Alaska and Virginia. 


Please call or email your AG and thank them for their support. Invite them to speak about the importance of VAWA at any of your group’s events and encourage them to personally contact their Senators to show support. Send a version of your thank you note to your local paper, praising the AG and showcasing your Senators and Representative – either thanking them for sponsoring or encouraging them to get on board. 


Also, copy and resend the letter to your own Senators and House member emphasizing how important it is to have the highest law enforcement official in your state supporting VAWA. This is truly bipartisan, with 22 Republican and 25 Democratic AGs signing the letter.


You can find your AG's contact information here.



Action 3: Draft your blog for the first ever blog carnival for VAWA.


Participate in a “Blog Carnival for VAWA” during the week beginning January 30.  HERvotes is a coalition of women’s rights organizations and activists who have been blogging on important issues facing women in the upcoming elections.  This is a perfect grassroots activity for anti-violence activists leading up to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on VAWA in early February and the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on VAWA February 16.  We will send more information in the next alert about how to make sure your blog is included—this week, start drafting!


Have questions? Email:


Below are a few important points you can cover in your blog post:

  • How does VAWA help my community or my constituency?
  • Why is it important for Congress and the federal government to partner with us to lead the fight against domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking?
  • Share your perspective as a victim and survivor.
  • Share your perspective as an advocate and activist.

To find a list of the VAWA Cosponsors, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select search by "Bill Number"
  3. Enter S.1925 in the space provided
  4. When the bill is brought up, click on "Cosponsors”