VAWA is heating up in the Senate!

The Judiciary Committee intends to begin “mark-up” of S. 1925 (VAWA) as early as January 26th.


Action 1: Advocates and activists from Alaska, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas are needed to call senators from those states who’ve shown interest in co-sponsoring VAWA.

In our meetings with numerous Senate staff, we’ve had especially friendly contact with FIVE senators who have shown an interest in sponsoring VAWA.  If you live in one of the below states, please call their office, ask to speak to the staff person who handles VAWA, and ask them to co-sponsor VAWA immediately including a story about why the bill is needed in your state.

Alaska – Senator Lisa Murkowski
Massachusetts – Senator Scott Brown
Nevada – Senator Dean Heller
New Hampshire – Senator Kelly Ayotte
Texas – Senator John Cornyn 


Action 2: Continue asking senators to become co-sponsors of VAWA and thank those who have.

If you don’t live in one of the 5 states above, you should still contact your Senators. Thank those who are already sponsors of S. 1925, and ask them to speak out for VAWA and encourage their colleagues to sponsor the bill. Ask those who are NOT yet sponsors to come on board ASAP.  With a Judiciary vote coming soon, there’s a chance the bill could come to the Senate floor for final passage in the months ahead and we need an overwhelming show of support.

To find a list of the VAWA Cosponsors, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select search by "Bill Number"
  3. Enter S.1925 in the space provided
  4. When the bill is brought up, click on "Cosponsors”


Action 3: Build community support for VAWA.

Encourage your Members of Congress to join with state and/or local political and community leaders to host roundtables/forums/discussions/hearings/listening sessions on the topic of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.  See what Senator Klobuchar did in Minneapolis.

Work with coalition partners to encourage some form of community awareness event that promotes VAWA and highlights the work of the local, state and national political leaders.  See all the groups who signed onto the letters below and invite their state counterparts to your anti-violence coalition.