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In just the past several days there has been real progress in talks with Senate and House leadership about passing a final VAWA now.  However, House Republican leadership is strongly resistant to including Tribal provisions that would protect countless Native women from the brutal violence they face every day.  

Victims face dire and life-threatening violence on Tribal lands and advocates are unwilling to accept a bill that leaves those victims without access to justice.  House Republican leadership knows that taking away provisions that protect Native women could be the demise of the entire VAWA bill because supporters will not abandon justice for Native women.   That is outrageous!  We need to act now.

Earlier this week, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and some of his Republican colleagues introduced H.R. 6625, the Violence Against Indian Women Act, which contains compromise solutions to help address opponents’ constitutional concerns and move VAWA forward.  

Other House Republicans have also co-sponsored the bill.  NTF praises Congressman Issa’s leadership and is committed to working with Congressman Issa and other House and Senate Republicans to enact these provisions.  We are also asking Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor to support the compromise provisions so that VAWA can protect all victims.

ACTION ALERT:   Congressman Issa has given us a path forward that allows VAWA to protect Native victims.  But Republican leadership needs to hear from you.  Urge them to accept this compromise and pass a VAWA that protects all victims.


Please call Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor and tell them

A final VAWA that does not protect Native women and does not hold perpetrators accountable is unacceptable.  Urge them to support the Issa compromise on Tribal provisions (H.R. 6625) and include that in VAWA so that VAWA can move forward to protect all victims.

  • Speaker Boehner:           202.225.6205 
  • Leader Cantor:                202.225.2815


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VAWA must include a key provision that would give tribes jurisdiction over non-Native perpetrators in domestic and dating violence cases.  House Republicans leaders claim that these critical protections might be considered unconstitutional. 

This protection is, however, supported by scores of law professors, the Justice Department, former Republican U.S. Attorneys, the American Bar Association, and the judges of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.  All agree that these protections are legally sound and are needed to address the epidemic rates of violence against Native women.

House Republicans must allow Tribal protections to be in the final VAWA in order for it to pass in lame duck.  NTF cannot support a bill that leaves any victim behind or that suggests that some victims are more worthy of protection than others.  We are working with a dedicated group of Republican House members, who understand the seriousness of the violence Native women face, to keep the Tribal jurisdiction provisions in the VAWA bill. 


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