Congress has unfinished business - Pass VAWA NOW!



Since VAWA Expired



Since Congress’ Last Action on VAWA



Until This Congress ends and VAWA 2012 dies…

Congress has some unfinished business.

They MUST PASS the Violence Against Women Act

when they reconvene in November!

Advocates should use the next 12 days before the election to let the candidates know that we need VAWA done now! 

 Get their word on it. VAWA NOW. 


In the past week, tweeting about VAWA trended and, as a result, women’s issues were a focus of the second Presidential Debates!  All of you did a great job getting the word out and holding our elected officials to their obligation to address the concerns of all people.  Now we have to get them focused specifically on VAWA – we need a commitment from every Congress Member that they will pass VAWA before the end of the year!


ACTIONS:  Tell you legislator that you think VAWA is an election issue and MUST be passed by the end of 2012.  Your representatives and senators are home campaigning. Call their district offices with this message and also send it by email:


In this election season the most important issue to me is the Violence Against Women Act.  It is unacceptable that it has been 658 days since VAWA expired, 160 days since Congress’ last action on VAWA.  With only 52 days until this Congress ends you can help change that.  I need a commitment from you that VAWA reauthorization will be your priority immediately after the election.   Please tell your colleagues and Congressional leadership that you want to see VAWA reauthorized in the lame duck session.  Make VAWA the number one priority bill passed before January.


You can also tweet:

@[your legislator]:  What are you doing to make sure #VAWA is reauthorized in lame duck?  

@[your legislator]:  Make #VAWA a lame duck priority – reauthorize it now!