Male rape survivors tackle military assalut in tough-guy culture. By Bill Briggs.  NBC News.  

Rep. Speier: Congress and 'enabler' of military sexual assalut. By Jeremy Herb.  The Hill.

Some in Congress want changes in military law as a result of sex scandals. By Craig Whitlock.  The Washington Post.

Multiple Proposals on Assault in Military, but Also Disagreement. By Jennifer Steinhauer.  The New York Times.  

Veteran Survivor says NO MORE.  Brave survivor of military sexual assalut shares her story. By Say NO MORE to military sexual trauma and domestic violence.  

A Shift on Violence Against Women.  February 27, 2013. The New York times. Editorial 

Right Groups to GOP: Stop Watering Down the Violence Against Women Act.  February 25, 2013. Mother Jones. By Adam Serwer

Sequestration Would Slash VAWA Programs By $20 Million: DOJFebruary 15,  2013. Huffington Post. By Johnathan Weisman

Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to Expand Domestic Violence ActFebruary 12,  2013. The New York Times. By Johnathan Weisman

Senate approves domestic violence legislationFebruary 12,  2013. CBS News.  By Lucy Madison

Senate poised to renew Violence Against Women Act, House considers alternativeFebruary 7,  2013. The Washington Post. 

What motivates opponents of the Violence Against Women ActFebruary 7,  2013. The Maddow Blog. By Steve Benen.

How the right with demagogue the Violence Against Women ActFebruary 7,  2013. Salon. By Irin Carmon

Violence Act Returns in Test of Republicans' Appeal to WomenFebruary 4, 2013. The New York Times. Editorial

Senate ready for new attempt to extend and expand the scope of Violence Against Woment Act February 4, 2013. The Washington Post. By The Associated Press

Consider this:Congress gets a do-over on the Violence Against Women Act February 3, 2013. 

New Push on Domestic ViolenceJanuary 28, 2013. The New York Times. Editorial

Violence Against Woment Act reintroduced. January 23, 2013.  msnbc. By Lana Schupbach

House GOP failed women on Violence Against Women Act.  January 5, 2013. CNN Opinion. By Parry Murray

Backers hope to revive Violence Against Women ActJanuary 4, 2013. CNN Politics. By CNN Staff

Violence Against Women Act Debacle:  Why Congress Should Be More Diverse. January 3, 2013. The Atlantic.  

Violence Against Women Act Not Reauthorized. January 3, 2013. WFMY New. 

House GOP Lets Violence Against Women Act Passed By Senate Die Without a Vote.  January 2, 2013. HuffingtonPost. By Laura Bassett and Jennifer Bendery

It's Time for Congress to Stop Politicizing VAWA and End a Human Rights Crisis. December 22, 2012. The Huffington Post. By Lise Balk King

Why does the Violence Against Women Act remain stalled? December 21, 2012. MSNBC. By Jamil Smith

The G.O.P and Violence Against Women. November 24, 2012. The New York Times. Editorial

Lawlessness on Indian Land. November 21, 2012. The New York Times. Editorial

Leahy seeks action on two upcoming bills. November 2012. Rutland Times. By Mounira Al Hmoud

'Binders full of women' goes viral. October 17, 2012. . By Elise Vebeck

Obama, Romney woo women in debate. October 17, 2012T. By Christian Heinze

Domestic Violence A Journey of Hope. October 16, 2012. Huffington Post.  By Amy Neumann

One Year After VAWA's Expiration And Counting:  House Leaders Still 'Splitting Hairs' Over Rape Victims.

October 1, 2012. Think Progress.  

Gridlock must end for VAWA. July 12, 2012. The Hill.  By Terri Poore

Democrats Call For Action On Violence Against Women Act:  'Victims Cannot Wait'. July 12, 2012. ThinkProgress. By Annie-Rose Strasser

 U.S. High Schools Lax in Preventing Dating Abuse: . By Steven Reinberg

Senate should hold firm on VAWA provisions, Murray says. June 26, 2012. The Washington Post. By Rosalind S. Helderman.

VTV Family Outreach Foundation to join in DC rally in support of Violence Against Women Act. June 26, 2012. The Washington Post. By Associated Press

Put Victims Before Politics. June 19, 2012. The Hill.  By Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Crapo

 Violence Against Women Act in limbo as parties weigh consequences of provision affecting important constituency:  Hispanics. May 30, 2012. Las Vegas Sun.  By Karoun Demirjian

Setting the Record Straight on the Violence Against Women Act. May 21, 2012. The Hill's Congress Blog. By Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich)

 Gender politics in Congress. May 20, 2012. The Washington Post. Editorial Board

The Top 10 Ways the House Version of the Violence Against Women Act Neglects Domestic Violence Victims. May 18, 2012. Center for American Progress. By Ann Garcia, Crosby Burns, Lindsay Rosenthal

Violence Against Women Act in Limbo. May 18, 2012. CNN. By Kate Bolduan

 House Passes Violence Against Women Act that Leaves Out LGBT, Immigrant Protections. May 17, 2012. The Huffington Post.  

 NOW Condemns House for Passage of H.R. 4970. May 16, 2012


tatement of NOW President Terry O' Neill..  

Bill would endanger immigrant victims 

The Miami Herald.  May 16, 2012

 Actions in Congress Resonate in the Race for the White House

The New York Times.  May 13, 2012

Michael D. Shear

 Tribal provisions are constitutionally sound

The Hill's Congress Blog.  May 10, 2012

By Jefferson Keel, president, National Congress of American Indians

 Mail Oder Bride Company President Lobbying To Weaken Protections For Abused Immigrants

Huffington Post.  May 8, 2012

By Laura Bassett

 The Fight to Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

Center for American Progress.  May 3, 2012

By Norma Espinosa

 Senate Votes to Reauthorize Domestic Violence Act

The New York Post.  April 26, 2012

By Jonathan Weisman

Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

The Washington Post.  April 23, 2012

By Editorial Board

Senate Advances Bill to Re-Up Violence Against Women Act

The Hill.  April 23, 2012

By Pete Kasperowicz

The Politicization of Domestic Violence

Think Progress.  April 20, 2012

By Annie-Rose Strasser

 For Senate Democrats, Vote Revolves Around Women

New York Times.  April 18, 2012

By Jennifer Steinhauer

Brown, Biden, Senate Women Join Effort to Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act

Capital News Service.  April 18, 2012

By Mark Miller

Romney and they Violence Against Women Act

Politico.  April 18, 2012

By Maggie Habberman

 Biden Criticizes Holdup of Violence Against Women Bill

ABC Blog.  April 18, 2012

Democrats battle back against Republican 'war on women'

Washington Post

Tribal Provisions of Women Safety Law Under Senate Attack

Indian Country. April 1, 2012

By Rob Capriccioso

 Tracking Violence Against Students

Inside Higher Ed. March 30, 2012

By Mitch Smith

 Defending Violence Against Women Act, Rep. Moore Recounts Being Raped As A Child

Think Progress Health. March 28, 2012

By Annie-Rose Strasser

LGBT Protections Help Fuel Women's Violence Debate

Gay City News. March 25, 2012

By Duncan Osborne

Meehan meets with advocacy groups, law enforcement to boost support for VAWA

The Times Herald. March 23, 2012

By Jenny DeHuff

Congress must reauthorize VAWA now

The Hill's Congress Blog. March 23, 2012

By Mariska Hargitai

Women Senators Push for Domestic Violence Bill

National Journal. March 15, 2012

By Dan Friendman

The Struggle to End Violence Against Women Encounters a Road Block

Huffington Post. March 15, 2012

By Nancy K. Kaufman

Senator Coons Calls for VAWA Reauthorization

Ms. Magazine. March 15, 2012

New York City Council Approves Resolution Co-Sponsored by Council Member Ferreras and Council Member Dromm Calling on the U.S. Congress to Review the Violence Against Women Act

PRESS RELEASE. March 14, 2012

From New York Council Member, Julissa Ferreras, CHAIR, Women's Issues Committee

Women Figure Anew in Senate's Latest Battle

New York Times. March 14, 2012

By Johnathan Weisman

Once Bipartisan, Violence Against Women Act Now Faces Political Fight

Windy City Times. March 14, 2012

Few Services for Gay Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Windy City Times. March 14, 2012

By Jamie Anne Royce

US Senate can end 'this war' on women

Delewareonline. March 13, 2012

Men's Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

Southern Poverty Law Center.  Intelligence Report, Spring 2012, Issue Number: 145

By Mark Potok and Evelyn Schlatter

DOJ Director on Violence Against Women in the United States

Forbes  March 8, 2012

By Rahim Kanani 

Rush Limbaugh, Verbal Abuse, and Objective Violence against Women

Tikkun Daily  March 8, 2012

By Valerie Elverton-Dixon

 Marlene Davis:  Here's a New Cause for the Women Who Rose Up Against Limbaugh  March 5, 2012

By Merlene Davis 

 One Billion Rising:  V-Day's Eve Ensler Launches Global Day of Action, Dance Against Women's Violence

Democracy Now!  March 3, 2012

By Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, and Eve Ensler  

Domestic Violence Bill Coming Up, Not Without Opposition

Medill Reports Chicago.  February 29, 2012

By Samson Adams 

Combating Domestic Violence

The Harvard Crimson.  February 28, 2012

By Nikhil R. Mulani

Higher Crime, Fewer Charges on Indian Land

New York Times.  February 20, 2012

By Timothy Williams

Amanda Terkel On MSNBC: How Violence Against Women Act Became a Partisan Issue

The Huffington Post.  February 17, 2012

Guest Commentary:  Politics Threatens Violence Against Women Act

Detroit Free Press.  February 16, 2012

Women in a War Zone:  Republicans Betray Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Forbes.  February 15, 2012

By Brooke Axtell

Yeardley Love's story - and mine

The Washington Post.  February 10, 2012

By Emilie Karrick Surrusco

Republicans Retreat on Domestic Violence

New York Times.  February 9, 2012


Breaking the Cycle of Violence Against Women and Children:  The Domestic Violence Judicial Support Act

Huffington Post.  February 9, 2012

By Rep. Michael Honda (D-CA) and Honorable Patricia Martin 

Teen Dating Violence in Focus This Month

U.S. News & World Report.  February 6, 2012

By Laura McMullen

ABA to Congress:  Reauthorize Violence Against Women Bill

ABA NOW.  February 3, 2012

Senate Panel Approves LGBT - Inclusive Domestic Violence Bill

Washington Blade.  February 2, 2012

By Chris Johnson

Two Sen. Franken Provisions to Protect Victims of Sexual Violence Clear Key Hurdle

Press Release.  February 2, 2012

Violence Against Women Act Must Be Reauthorized

The Huffington Post.  February 2, 2012

By Senator Chris Coons

Bill Would Require Colleges To Improve Reporting of Sex Offices

Kansas City infoZine.  February 1, 2012

By Jordain Carney

Teen Dating Violence

Huffington Post.  February 1, 2012

By Christine Bork

A welcome expansion of the definition of sexual violence

The Washington Post.  February 1, 2012

By Lauren R. Taylor

VAWA at the Crossroads

The Crime Report.  February 1, 2012

By Deirdre Bannon

Congress Must Renew VAWA,  January 31, 2012

By Kristie Fortmann-Doser, Iowa City

Blog Carnival Will Support VAWA Reauthorization in Advance of Senate Action

Ms. Magazine.  January 31, 2012

Reauthorize VAWA (Editor's Inbox)

GlobeGazette.Com.  January 39, 2012

By Bonnie Hruska

Personal Fouls

Huffington Post.  January 25, 2012

By Mariska Hargitay

Pentagon Works On New Plan To Curb Sex Assaults

NPR.  January 18, 2012

By The Associated Press

Sex Trafficking Rampant in Indian Country 

Indian Country.  January 17, 2012

By Terri Hansen

McKenna joins call to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal.  January 16, 2012

Congress urged to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act 

Richmond County Daily Journal.  January 14, 2012

By Kelli Easterling

Attorneys General Urges Congress to Rauthorize Domestic Violence Programs

Kansas City infoZine.  January 13, 2012

Attorney General on Violence Against Women Act
KMTV News.  January 11, 2012

Rape Data for Indian Country Has Failed to Capture Complete Picture

Indian Cuntry.  January 9, 2012

By Rob Capriccioso

U.S. to Expand Its Definition of Rape in Statistics

New York Times.  January 6, 2012

By Charlie Savage

Violence Against Women Act Needed Now More Than Ever

The Hill.  January 4, 2012

By Terri Poore, policy chair, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

Hard Sell at Saving 'next woman' from Violent Parnter

StarTribune.  January 3, 2012

By Jon Tevlin

LAUSD Tackles Teen Dating Violence In The Wake Of Cindi Santana's Death

Huffington Post.  December 12, 2001

Senator Coons calls for Reauthorization of the Vioence Against Women Act

Legislation would enhance domestic violence abue prevention.

Senator Coons Press Release.  December 1, 2011

From the White House:  A Message from Vice President Biden