Tell Congress to pass a Tribal-inclusive VAWA that provides justice for victims of domestic violence!

 There is still a chance that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) will be reauthorized during this Lame Duck session of Congress, but some Congressional leaders are demanding that an important provision for tribal victims be dropped. 


Because the NTF supports a VAWA 2012 that includes ALL victims and survivors, this is unacceptable


We know that you agree that we must have an inclusive VAWA that contains key protections for Native victims—our nation’s most vulnerable population—and that we must act NOW!  

Call your members of Congress immediately and urge them to tell House and Senate leadership that you will not support a VAWA bill unless it includes the key tribal jurisdictional provisions! 

  • The bipartisan Senate version of the bill, S. 1925, contains Section 904, which is a provision that would restore tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians for certain crimes of domestic violence and dating violence committed in Indian country. 
  • Section 904 has bipartisan support in the Senate and the House.  In fact, just last Friday, Representatives Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Tom Cole (R-OK) introduced a stand-alone bill (H.R. 6625) containing a modified version of Section 904 to show their support for these key protections for Native victims. 
  • Despite this broad support, some leaders in the House are refusing to let VAWA proceed in the lame duck session unless the tribal jurisdictional provisions are completely removed.  This is unacceptable.  VAWA is at a critical juncture and we need your help!!

Call your leaders in Congress right away and urge them to support the tribal criminal jurisdiction provisions—i.e., either Section 904 of S.1925 or the Issa/Cole alternative, H.R. 6625!

NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP!!  Urge your members of Congress to work with Senate and House leadership to include the tribal jurisdictional provisions in any final VAWA bill. 

Find your Senators and Representatives contact info here.

Additionally, help us draw attention to the epidemic of violence against Native women by posting this video on your Facebook and Twitter pages:

Together, we can ensure enactment of a VAWA that protects all victims!