We need to call the Leaders of the House of Representatives who have the power to bring up the Senate-passed VAWA for a vote. 

Reports are that the House Republican leaders will bring up VAWA as early as next week – either the Senate version or a bill of their own.  We must demand that they take up S. 47, the bipartisan, inclusive bill that passed the Senate 78-22.  We must remind them that S. 47 has victim-centered support in the House from both parties and will pass if it comes to the House floor for a vote.  Any effort to weaken or delay VAWA does not reflect the will of our country, of our Congress or the desperate need of victims in our homes and communities all across the nation.  Survivors of violence cannot wait any longer!

The numbers add up for a victory for VAWA on the House floor:  201 Democratic sponsors of the House version of the Senate bill; 19 Republican Representatives asking the House Republican leaders to pass a bipartisan bill that “reaches all victims…”; 8 Republican sponsors of the Issa/Cole bill (H.R. 780) that closely mirrors the tribal jurisdiction section of the Senate-passed bill, dozens more Republicans who support some or all of the Senate provisions, and 1,300 local state and national organizations who have signed a letter to the House to pass S.47.


ACTION ITEM #1 Contact the House Republican leadership.

They need to hear from activists all across the U.S.  “The numbers add up – the majority of the House supports the bipartisan inclusive Senate bill.  Please do not stall this vital bill.  Bring S.47 to the House floor for a vote next week.” 

Ask Cathy McMorris Rodgers to step up for the women and children of this nation and courageously support the Senate bill.


  • Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), (202) 225-0600 or 225-6205
  • Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), (202) 225-4000, (202) 225-2815
  • Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), (202) 225-0197 (202) 225-291
  • Chair, House Republican Conference Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) (202) 225-5107, (202) 225-2006


ACTION ITEM #2: Find out if your Republican Representative is one who supports a bipartisan, inclusive VAWA and ask them step up and to support a vote on the Senate bill.

  1. Call or email the 19 who signed the letter to House leadership. See letter and signatories hereNames and contact information here
  2. Call or email the 7 Members who voted against last years’ harmful, non-inclusive Republican VAWA
  3. Call or email the 8 House sponsors of anti-trafficking legislation
  4. Call or write the 26 House members who have interest in one or some of the Senate’s inclusive provisions (this includes sponsors of the Issa/Cole tribal provisions and many of the supporters of the sex-trafficking Senate amendment).



Join our “We need VAWA because…” campaign on Facebook and Instagram!  Tag your photos on Instragram with #VAWA or submit your photos via email to our partners from The Leadership Conference Education Fund at    Make sure to include your state name and your state representative’s name in your statement so that your representative knows that their state cares about VAWA.



If you can’t call your Representative next week, you can find their Twitter handle at

  • @TWITTERHANDLE Tell Speaker Boehner to decide on #VAWA + take up bipartisan S.47 in the House.  Pass a bill that protects ALL survivors!


ACTION ITEM #5. Sign onto the letter to the House. 

Check here to see if you’re already on the letter, and go here to add your organization's name.  All local and state groups are encouraged to add their names.





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