Time to target Congressional leadership and urge them to move forward on VAWA – there is too much at stake!

The lame duck session is winding down & Congress has some unfinished business.

They MUST PASS theViolence Against Women Act NOW!

 We must get Congress to finish the work of passing a VAWA that safely and effectively protects ALL victims.


This week, we’re asking advocates across the country to all contact two key leaders in the House:

Speaker John Boehner (OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA)

These two Representatives have substantial influence in moving VAWA forward, and they need to hear from all of you that VAWA must be passed in the lame duck session!

Call these Representatives with the message that the House and Senate versions of VAWA are almost entirely the same, and only a few critical differences remain to be worked through.


Tell them we know that by working together in good faith and with a victim-centered approach, these differences can be resolved. There is too much at stake for victims and for the stability of VAWA’s vital programs – VAWA must be passed now!


Speaker Boehner: 202.225.6205

Leader Cantor: 202.225.2815


You can also tweet at these Representatives using the sample tweets below:

  • @johnboehner Please stand up for women and children exposed to violence. #PassVAWA2012
  • @GOPLeader Put #VAWA on the calendar now to help ensure safety for all victims. #PassVAWA2012
  • @johnboehner #PassVAWA2012 because victims in your community and across the country depend on it!
  • @GOPLeader Congress must reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act before they adjourn #PassVAWA2012


Join the #PassVAWA2012 Social Media Campaign

Be a part of a ground-breaking campaign to leverage the full power of social media in fighting for the Reauthorization of VAWA! Join the #PassVAWA2012 Facebook Photo Campaign to tell Congress that it’s time to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act! It’s easy, just snap photos of you, your friends, & your colleaguesholding up signs saying why we need to Pass VAWA NOW! Submit your photos via email to lccref@gmail.com or tweetpic with #PassVAWA2012. For more details and sample campaign tweets click here.