Make VAWA a debate topic!

During last night's VP Debate we heard Vice President Biden's and Congressman Ryan's views on abortion.  Now it's time we hear from the President and Mr. Romney on another important women's health issue - violence against women.

Add your voice! 

Use these tweets to urge Candy Crowley to include the Violence Against Women Act as a debate topic in next week's presidential debate and share with the public why VAWA is so important:

  • @crowleyCNN Rape is rape and #VAWA is expired. #Debate candidates must respond to these issues
  • @crowleyCNN lets hear about why #VAWA has been expired for a year while #DV, rape and stalking major issues #Debate #DVAM2012
  • @crowleyCNN, it’s #DVAM2012 - #Debate should include women & family issues like #education, #poverty, #dv, #VAWA
  • Claire escaped abuse & obtained permanent residency through #VAWA. Tell ur Rep 2 pass #VAWA in 2012!
  • He put a knife to Veronica’s throat & threatened to have her & her fam deported from NM. No1 deserves abuse. Pass #VAWA now! #DVAM2012
  • 1 in 3 Native American women will be sexually abused during their lifetime. Pass #VAWA in 2012 to help all survivors. #DVAM2012
  • It’s unacceptable tht #dv resources have been expired for a year. Reauthorize #VAWA now! #DVAM2012
  • A community org tht helps Black/Latino LGBT was denied #dv funding bc it was “ineligible.” Protect all victims; pass #VAWA in 2012
  • “Rapists take away your childhood, your innocence, your spirit.” –Sasha of WI. Pass #VAWA now so survivors have hope.
  • Eunice of OH was slapped and locked in her closet for failing to satisfy her partner. It's #DVAM2012; Pass #VAWA in 2012
  • Sexual assault of men remains “a silent epidemic” –Gabe of IL.  Pass #VAWA now to help all victims