We have made so much progress on VAWA!

Let’s capitalize on that and get VAWA passed before the end of the year!

In the past year, we have worked together to get an inclusive, survivor-focused Violence Against Women Re-Authorization bill introduced into the Senate!  We also saw a number of bills introduced in the House, and the one that passed had limited and very partisan support. 

At the beginning of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), the White House issued a statement acknowledging the need for inclusive responses to domestic violence:

“Despite considerable progress in reducing domestic violence, an average of three women in the United States lose their lives every day as a result of these unconscionable acts. And while women between the ages of 16 and 24 are among the most vulnerable to intimate partner violence, domestic violence affects people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, or religion.” 

We can capitalize on this momentum and get VAWA passed by the end of this year!  But to do so we need to make sure that VAWA is a priority for every legislator during the “lame duck” session in Congress between now and January.

Let’s keep the pressure on – because together we can get this bill passed!


By email:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  It’s unacceptable that VAWA expired a year ago.   You can help change that.  VAWA reauthorization MUST be a priority in the lame duck session!  Please tell your colleagues and Congressional leadership that you want to see VAWA reauthorized now.  Make VAWA the number one priority bill passed before January.:

Watch the debates tonight and tweet to about VAWA

  • @crowleyCNN Ask in the #Debate why #DV resources through #VAWA have been expired 4 a yr? 4vawa.org #Women1016
  • @crowleyCNN He chained Claire, an immigrant, to the radiator, beat her with a cord & raped her. Y has #VAWA expired? #DV #Women1016 #Debate
  • A @TransEquality survey showed 64% trans people experienced sexual assault: bit.ly/P7nwJe Pass #VAWA 2012! #Women1016 #Debate #DV
  • “[Sexual Abuse] is not a racial story – it affects every nationality, every tribe” – Donna, AK native. Pass #VAWA now! #Women1016 #Debate
  • Danielle knew she had to get out of the relationship for her safety & her children. Pass #VAWA! 4vawa.org #Women1016 #DV #Debate
  • “The sexual abuse had gone 2 the very core of my human spirit & had taken away who I was, who I was meant 2 b” –Donna,AK #VAWA #Women1016
  • “Rape Assistance Volunteers told me it wasn’t my fault. I can now look @ myself in the mirror.” –Leanna,CO. But #VAWA expired, #Women1016
  • “They beat me & raped me, after that my whole life was different.” –Gabe,IL. Support #VAWA 4 all survivors, men & #Women1016 #Debate
  • Her brother used a knife 2 cut Yvette’s (NH) throat & genitals while assaulting her @ age 12. Men&#Women1016 need #VAWA 4vawa.org
  • “We all deserve to be treated with dignity, respect & love” –Laura,NY. Pass #VAWA 2012 for all! 4vawa.org #Women1016 #Debate #DV
  •  #LGBT survivors face the same rates of #DV, #SA as all – so #VAWA must include them too.  Pass VAWA 2012 for all Men & #Women1016
  •  Homicide rates increased 3x in 2011 for #LGBT victims of #DV.  Pass VAWA 2012 for all people!  4vawa.org Men& #Women1016 #Debate